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The Bushpig Hunting and Shooting Chair is developed and distributed by Frederick Senekal (from Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South-Africa). Being involved in problem animal control and game harvesting operations for many years. Frederick identified the need for a high quality, versatile, vehicle mounted, 360 degree rotatable shooting platform with 12V power supply for hunting lights and utilities to facilitate night time hunting operations. The product was designed specifically to aid professional problem predator hunters as well as farmers on small stock, game- and cattle breeding farms. Allowing them to more effectively control problem predators like the Black-backed Jackal and Caracal when using the calling and shooting method.

The first prototype was released for testing in June 2006.  Weak points and snags were identified during numerous strenuous field tests.  Corrective measures and improvements were implemented, and are still conducted on a continuous basis. Today the product is known as the most robust, durable, reliable vehicle mounted shooting chair in its class.

Confidence and value in the product grew at a rapid pace due to the need for a high-quality vehicle mounted, rotatable, shooting platform that exists in the market. Special recognition to Heinrich Funck and the JARACAL forum members ( who allowed the product to be advertised and introduced on their hunting forum.

As the years progressed additional product improvements were identified through customer feedback. These improvements were amended on the initial design of The Bushpig Hunting and Shooting Chair, resulting in the manufacturer to offer a more complete product package to better suit customer needs.

In 2010 the first unit was exported to Namibia.

During 2012 Koos Barnard, from MAN MAGNUM magazine, conducted a product field test on The Bushpig Hunting and Shooting Chair with the article published in the April 2012 issue of the magazine. Koos Barnard recommends the products quality for the South African Hunting and Game Conservation Industry.

Yellotec SA, sponsored and mounted a FLIR PATHFINDER thermal imaging camera to The Bushpig Hunting and Shooting Chair during 2013 in order to test the effectiveness of forward looking infrared equipment for predation control operations.  The tests were conducted successfully with exceptional results.

Improvements on the hunting chair’s rifle-rest were completed by the end of 2013 which resulted in the out fazing of the old conventional independent system and the introduction of a new cradle rest. The new cradle rifle-rest allows for 4-dimensional movement (upward, downward, left and right)

Today several hundred units are doing service on farms in South-Africa with a strong number exported to Namibia, Australia and the USA. Product uses also expanded dramatically from its initial purpose; today its common purpose serves:

•    Night time predation control with the calling and shooting method.
•    Commercial game harvesting.
•    Mobile shooting rest for accurate sighting in of hunting rifles.
•    Rotatable shooting rest for fire-arm training to new upcoming marksmen.
•    Stable dead-rest platform for accurate long range shots.

Customers are extremely satisfied with the quality and value which they gain from investing in The Bushpig Hunting and Shooting Chair. The product holds a high reputation in the marked, unmatched by competitors.