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Product Features

The Bushpig Hunting and Shooting Chair’s heavy duty steel frame is manufactured from high quality A - grade carbon steel.

All welding work is completed by qualified red seal boilermakers and welders in our workshop.

Our main aim is to provide a robust, reliable and durable product of highest quality which requires zero maintenance to our customers. You only buy once to reap long term service benefits.

Typical product features include the following:

  • Robust, heavy duty vehicle mounted hunting chair that withstands outdoor elements.
  • Mobile bench rest with 360degree rotation.
  • 12V power supply to shooting deck with ports for hunting lights and utilities.
  • Build in footbrake/stabilizer for accurate dead-rest shooting.
  • Adjustable 4-Dimentional rifle rest.
  • Build in storage compartments for Foxpro Caller Remote, GPS as well as ammunition/general holder.
  • Ideally designed for day and night time shooting.
  • Fold away design.
  • Fit on all bakkie types.
  • Quick vehicle assembly and de-assemble design.

Tired of problem varmint predators eating away your hard-earned profits?
Are you fed-up with unreliable, dilapidated shooting rests in the field? 
We’ve got the solution…

The Bushpig Hunting and Shooting Chair - 130kg of pure robust, reliable, shooting passion! No shot too distant to handle.